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Automated case tracking:  Set up, manage and track cases from the first contact through the last payment. Manage workflow and financial transactions, communicate news and events to other employees, generate letters, set up and manage actions required to reach closure on a case, and track leads and opportunities.


Complete history of case steps, actions and events: Get up to the minute status on a case in real time. See payments due dates, payments, pending payments, invoices, and track case activity.


Predefined letter templates: Communicate quickly and easily with predefined letter templates that you can customize and define for different purposes. Use different letterheads to send letters from partner companies. Attach letters to emails or print them out and send hard copies.


Complete record of all communication: Case System makes it easy to keep a complete set of online documentation regarding every case, every transaction and every action. Use case histories to develop better practices, analyze business processes, improve success rates and provide legal records.


Find Contacts easily: Because you can store all contact information in CMS, you can always access client and vendor email addresses, phone numbers, track commission rates and more. CMS lets you store multiple contact addresses and fax numbers. You can also enter contact information for creditors and case subjects, and perform searches to find contact information quickly and easily. CMS makes it easy to stay in touch and stay up to date with what’s going on.


Easy to use web interface: Because CMS is a web-based system with an intuitive interface you can manage your business from just about anywhere; from home, from the office, on the road. Provide status, history and case related information to whomever you choose, including clients. 


Complete financial tracking in multiple currencies: Record payments, generate invoices, or see at a glance the total amount of transactions or debt for a case. Because you can track financial information in multiple currencies you can easily operate with global partners or foreign agencies. Make or receive payments in any currency and then roll everything up to the master currency for a complete financial picture.


Ability to tailor your company’s processes: Using the CMS case management framework you break a case into steps and actions. Every case has at least one step and every step requires at least one action to complete. Complete all the steps to close the case. Using steps and actions you can tailor company processes to help train new employees, keep seasoned employees organized and manage case loads efficiently.


Keep notes and attachments: Store supporting documentation online with the case details so you never have to scramble to find paperwork. Make notes for step and action closures, or to keep a record of observations and other annotations, even upload newspaper articles, scan in signed hard copy documents and so on. The search capability makes it quick and easy to find documents associated with the case.


Remote client access 24/7: Using CMS permission-based logins you can give limited access to clients. Let clients in different time zones log in at their own pace for up to the minute status. You won’t have to get up at 5:00 am anymore to take that overseas phone call. Simply provide clients access to their case status. Clients can also enter new cases into the system and alert you to the updated information.


Sub case definition for easy case management: Managing large cases by breaking them into smaller components makes it easier to remain organized and make sure your staff is focused and productive. In CMS you can create sub cases and manage transactions and activities at the sub case level. Breaking cases into sub cases lets you quickly see where bottle necks are in case resolution and where you need to focus your attention to bring a case to successful completion.


Real time reporting: With the CMS web interface you can generate reports quickly and easily in a variety of different ways. Use preconfigured reporting structures or generate your own. Because CMS is interactive in real time you will get the latest sales figures, the latest payment information and the latest activity reports on cases, clients and subjects. See how many cases have been opened or closed and how many were successful in the last reporting period.

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